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Some Information about the Artist

This page is about the artist of the ArtGalla project, that is, about me. Since you have looked at this page, then you are probably interested to know who has created all the pictures on this website and what is going on here in general. Let me introduce myself. My name is Galina Egorenkova. I live and work in the town of Orel, I have two sons, a wonderful husband and a couple of canaries. Birds have always lived in my house, deep inside I am a bit of an ornithologist.

I have been drawing pictures for as long as I can remember myself, I have been embroidering for 3 years less. I have been carrying these hobbies through my life, and made them my work, and teaching children became a vocation. First I graduated from art school, then I received a diploma as a teacher of painting and drawing. I worked as a typography designer, a web designer, a graphic designer, a museum researcher, an art director, a head of the prepress department, a teacher at an art school. After graduating from the university, I was making a career in the best traditions of the modern world. And then, in the same tradition, I went on maternity leave. Like many people, I had a reassessment of everything then, I was able to separate the important from the secondary. Among other things, I felt that if I not try to realize myself as an artist, I would never do it. And I started publishing my works on the net.

How did I find my style? I just worked a lot, several hours a day. This is the only way I know. As far as I know, it is reliable and everyone who works a lot succeeds))) Over time, my illustrations began to appear on postcards, later orders for books came. And I again went on maternity leave))) And then everything began to turn around quickly...

There is nothing particularly unusual in my life story, I have not traveled to parallel worlds, I have not been abducted by aliens, I have not become the main character of an adventure detective story. But I have a super-ability, I am very lucky to meet good, smart, kind and talented people. There are a great many of those around me. We got to know each other for a long time, talked, moved from place to place, changed jobs, met and parted with unnecessary people, until it turned out that an excellent team got together and became friends. We all felt that circumstances brought us together, only a spark was missing. And it turned out to be my work. First, we brought the OwlForest Embroidery shop to life. I have been creating embroidery charts for a long time, it turned out that not only me, but also a large number of other cross-stitchers like my work. And now we have begun working on our second brainchild - the ArtGalla store. It is dedicated to my illustrations. We will try to make them come true. After all, when an artist draws a picture and does not show it to anyone, this disrupts the correct course of things to my mind))) When illustrations appear in a book, on postcards, on mugs and plates they become windows into the world of written stories and not yet invented fairy tales.